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Hello! ALAITZ introduces you to the world of photoceramic art. Meet us!

About eus

History - From Druyen to ALAITZ

Druyen launched with photoceramics production in 2004


Initially specializing in memorial and dedicatory art it has created a network of clients in gipuzkoa, bizkaia and navarra spain.


In 2016, druyen expanded into more artisan, creative, colourfull, enchanting and vivacious photoceramic works.

What does ALAITZ do?

ALAITZ works on certain special inked decals for a multitude of ceramic applications. these decals are suitable for industrial or self-production pieces. the decals are baked in the oven along with the piece thus uniting the decal and the ceramic obect.


As this is an artisinal process every piece is unique and holds its artistic handcrafted qualities.

What can druyen provide?

We manufacture our own product lines, with images that convey, stimulate and provoke sensations immersed in the to ALAITZ world. we also collaborate with distinctive artists to present exclusive and different full of life works. additionally we can personalise every piece adapting to any kind of image medium, whether drawn or photographic with the focus of creating unique works.

Clients eus


Alaitz Andonegui Recarte. (Donostia, 1975)

From early on, i enjoyed music and drawing. i studied solfa at the music conservatory in donostia and learned to play classic harp.

Between 1994-1999 i studied fine arts in leioa (bizkaia) and specialized in audiovisuals. i displayed many of my works in bilbao.

Once i finished my studies, i had the opportunity to go to como (italy) and participate in an internship at the aleph photograph studio.

One day as i was walking around como, i encountered a store that had a sign which said “lezione di arpa celtica” “celtic harp of lezione”. we created a group of harpists and eventually formed a harp orchestra. in 2003 we edited our first cd and nowadays it’s a recognized orchestra. and i can proudly say i took part in the beginnings.

Wanting to extend my learning experience in italy, i also worked at the milan tourism office. until 2002 when i started to work in stella verde. there, i began learning about photografic retouching and photoceramics. thanks to them i was able to start up druyen in 2004 in donostia.

And in 2004, with my adquired knowledge, i returned to donostia and started this new quest from scratch. it wasn’t easy but i developed a group of loyal customers, who have followed me over the past thirteen years. thanks to them and my dedication i can spread druyen’ s exposure and expand into a new and more creative stage. while never wandering from my main focus of memorial and dedicatory art.

I invite you to come along with me in my new stage and hope you enjoy my work as much as i do.

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ALAITZ / DruyenFotoceramica

C/ Virgen del Carmen 69, bajo
20012 Donostia

tel: +34 943293482

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